Les Catacombes de Paris

24. června 2007 v 22:49 |  Kosti ve Francii
Catacombs of Paris
The origin of the Catacombs of Paris (which it would be to better call "municipal Ossuary") goes up at the end of the XVIIIe century.
The cemetery of Innocent (close to Saint-Eustache, in the district of the Markets) had been of use during nearly ten centuries and had become a hearth of infection for all the inhabitants of the district. Afterwards of multiple complaints, the Council of State, by stop of November 9, 1785, pronounced the removal and the evacuation of the cemetery of the Innocent ones.
In fact old careers were selected to deposit the bones; the Town of Paris indeed had just obtained a general inspection from the Careers whose role was the consolidation of the public highways undermined by the careers. The careers "of Fall-Issoire" were the object of work including/understanding a great part of masonry and supporting of galleries, supplemented by the digging of a flanked staircase of a puit to pour the bones.
The translation of the remainders been able to start after the blessing and the dedication of the place on April 7, 1786 and was continued until 1788, always with fallen the night and according to a ceremonial made up of a procession of priests in surplis who sang the office for the dead along the way borrowed by the tipcarts charged with bones and covered with a black veil. Thereafter, this site went, until 1814, to collect the bones of all the cemeteries of Paris.
As of their creation, the Catacombs caused curiosity. In 1787, the Count d' Artois, future Charles X, went down there in company of injuries from the Court. The following year, one mentions the visit of Madam de Polignac and Madam de Guiche. In 1814, François 1st, emperor of Austria, residing as a winner in Paris visited them. In 1860, Napoleon III went down there with his son.
The Catacombs of Paris reopened on June 14, 2005 after several months of closing for work. Lighting was revised, the vaults were consolidated and the walls of re-installed bones.

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