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24. června 2007 v 22:50 |  Info
Deaths of the French revolution: victims or torturers
Presentation until December 31, 2007
Through reproductions of works of the Carnavalet museum, events and famous characters of the revolutionary period are evoked. Indeed, the chances of the History gathered with the Catacombs the bones of victims and torturers: Robespierre, Mrs Elisabeth, Lucile Desmoulins, Fouquier-Tinville or Malesherbes.

Chip cultureADDRESS
Catacombs of Paris
1, avenue of Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy
75014 Paris
Tel.: 01 43 22 47 63
Fax: 01 43 22 48 17

Chip culture ACCESS
Subway and the RER b: Denfert-Rochereau
Bus: 38, 68
Paying car park: Saint-Jacob Boulevard
Schedules of opening
Tuesday at Sunday of 10h00 with 17h00 (closing of the cases with 16h)
Closed Monday and certain public holidays

Appointment with the entry of the Catacombs, 1, avenue of colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy, 75014 Paris.

Activities without reservation. Duration: 1h30

Visits conferences
Every Tuesday and every saturday from April at June 2007, 10h30, except Tuesday 1st, May 8 and 15
Every Tuesday (except 31), Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays (except the 14) from July 2007, with 10h30

Song of the careers, course in stories (as from 13 years) INNOVATION!
The history of the Catacombs swarms with accounts, of stories of men, dead... and life. Another way of discovering this attractive place...
Fridays April 13, and 27 2007 with 10h30
Fridays May 11, and 25 2007 with 10h30
Fridays June 8, and 22 2007 with 10h30

GROUPS(10 people minimum and20 people maximum)
The visits of group are authorized only the morning, of Tuesday at Friday included.
Obligatory reservation with the service of cultural Action of the Carnavalet Museum to the 01 44 59 58 31 (faxes: 01 44 59 58 07).

Chip cultureTARIFFS


Individual visitors
Full fare: 7 €
Reduced tariff *: 5,50 €
Young tariff (14 years up to 26 years included): 3,50 €
Free for the children jusquà 13 years included

Tariff adults, + of 60 years and teachers: 5,50 € per anybody (application of the individual reduced tariff)
Tariff students (up to 26 years included): 35 € for the group (fixed price of 10 tickets to the individual young tariff)

* Reduced tariff (on presentation of a document in proof): more than 60 years, holders of the chart Large family, chart Paris-Family, teaching in activity, documentalists of the school in activity, unemployed establishments, recipients of the RMI, holders of the chart Amethyst, holders of the chart Emerald, members of the Company of the History of French Art, the national Company of the Antique dealers of France, the Safeguard of French Art, the French Company of archaeology, a company of friends of a museum of the Town of Paris

The tariffs of the guided tours are added to the import duties
Individual visitors
Full fare: 4,50 € per anybody + import duty
Reduced tariff: 3,80 € per anybody + import duty
Tariff adults:
91 € + import duties (reduced tariff: 5,50 € per anybody)
68,50 € if two visits in the same day + import duties (reduced tariff: 5,50 € per anybody)

Tariff + 60 years:
68,50€ + import duties (reduced tariff: 5,50 € per anybody)

Tariff teachers:
45 € + import duty (reduced tariff: 5,50 € per anybody)

Tariff students (less than 27 years):
45 € + import duty (fixed price of 35 € starting from 10 people, if not 3,50 € per anybody)

Tariff school (primary educations, colleges, colleges):
30 € + import duty (fixed price of 35 € starting from 10 people, if not 3,50 € per anybody, free up to 13 years included)

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